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Welcome to the online annual report 2010

Maribel from Colombia can’t do her usual walk to buy groceries anymore. The risk of being kidnapped or killed by armed groups is too high. Jean fled from his village from Eastern Congo, because rebels raged through his village, plundering and raping. Ebrahim from Lebanon still feels like he is suffocating within the boundaries of the refugee camp. Growing up without war, without fear and without violence was far from a matter of course for millions of children in 2010. 

That is why War Child Holland increased its work to reach more children and youth with impactful programs. In 2010 War Child programs reached more than 750,000 children and young people in 11 (post) conflict areas and The Netherlands by preparing them to the challenges living in their world, permitting them to be a child, improving their relations with their peers, or reintegrating them into society after they have been a child soldier.

Volunteers, companies, school, sports clubs, everyone who came into action for War Child in the Netherlands enabled us to do so. War Child is the result of this joint effort, of everyone who joins in and contributes. Be it devotion, care, expertise or money. All these people are War Child.

War Child presents its annual report with this special online edition. With the innovative facet navigation, you will find what you are looking for in a couple of clicks. Thanks to the sponsorship of Facetbase this online annual report has been created totally free of costs. The printed annual report has been designed fully sponsored by design agency 52 graden noorderbreedte, (who also provided graphic parts of this online annual report) and is printed by Ricoh The Netherlands B.V (

As long as children grow up in war, and everybody wants to join in, we will persist. Together we have the power to change the future.

Mark Vogt
Director War Child Holland