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Without the enthusiasm, involvement, efforts and gifts of donors, sponsors, volunteers, goodwill ambassadors and relations War Child would not be the organisation it is today. Thanks to all these people, War Child is able to help 15.000 children in war affected areas, every week.

This annual report (online and printed) was made fully sponsored thanks to:

Online report

Design and graphics
52 graden noorderbreedte,

Paper and printing
Ricoh The Netherlands B.V.,

Editing, translation and proof read

  • Annelyn Close
  • Claudia Vlaar
  • David Lee, Kleio Academic Services
  • Sylvia van der Zwan-Olijve
All photos in the annual report are made during War Child activities, programs, of War Child
employees or locations. We are very grateful to all photographers who cooperated with the creation of this annual report. A special thanks goes out to: Carolien Sikkenk/Photoline, Felipe Camacho, Geert Snoeijer, Han Lans, Marco van Hal, Pep Bonet/NOOR and Raoul Kramer.