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6 sections found in the annual report 2010
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War Child's work

In 2010 War Child programs reached more than 750,000 children and young people in 11 (post) conflict areas and The Netherlands by preparing them to the challenges living in their world, permitting them to be a child, improving their relations with their peers, or reintegrating them into society after they have been a child soldier. ...

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Colombia; Conflicts and consequences

The situation in Colombia ...

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Colombia; Program information

Target groups, partner organisations and costs in Colombia...

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Colombia; Activities carried out and number of children, youth and adults reached

Activities carried out and number of children, youth and adults reached in Colombia...

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Colombia; Evaluation

With the help of creative and participatory activities, War Child's local partner organisations contributed to the protection and prevention of the recruitment of child soldiers....

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Colombia; Future

In 2011 War Child in Colombia will develop a multi-year strategic plan consulting different stakeholders from children and youth to parents and caretakers, national and international NGOs, government ministries, academic institutions and donors....

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