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Sierra Leone; Activities carried out and number of children, youth and adults reached

Explanation of deviations
•  Awareness and sensitization (431%): Athletic events have been the key to attract people from surrounding communities. In Sierra Leonean culture, when communities organize big events, neighbouring communities are invited;
•  Lobby (318%): By including other people who have a strong influence on bringing positive change in the wellbeing of children (head teachers, chiefdom speakers, town chiefs, etc) they were stimulated to formulate by-laws to address issues such as teenage pregnancy;
•  Capacity building (8%): Because the annual planned activities of NGOs were not in line with War Child’s plans made it difficult to reach an agreement on how to conduct training;
•  Capacity building of partners (69%): Most participants took part in more than one training and are only counted once under this category;
•  Mass media coverage (217%): There has been a great improvement of coverage area by the radio/TV stations in Sierra Leone which was not anticipated.