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8 sections found in the annual report 2010
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Risk management: Financial risks

War Child ‘s objectives require multi year commitments. The instability of income can fluctuate over the years, which has to be taken into account. ...

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Own fundraising

War Child raised funds from private donors, companies, actions, foundations and legacies, third parties and institutional and governemental organisations ...

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Own fundraising; Private donors

In 2010 income from private donors grew 8% to € 6,714,924 (compared to 2009, including actions, but excluding legacies). The number of Friends grew 13% (27,000) making a total of 103,000 Friends,...

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Own fundraising; Companies

About 9% of War Child’s private fundraising comes from companies, an important segment to ensure annual, structural income. War Child received € 1,332,246 (excluding actions) from corporate partners....

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Own fundraising; Foundations and legacies

Foundations have been more directly targeted in 2010 resulting in € 131,500 in contributions. Legacies generated an income of € 88,094. ...

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In 2010, War Child generated € 14.8 million total in income, a growth of 3.6% compared to 2009...

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Fundraising and Communications

War Child is dependent on the involvement and support of its constituency. The constituency’s growth is a target on its own. War Child feels supported by a growing supportive community to keep working on its targets....

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Income and expenditure

Despite lower income than planned, War Child increased its income compared to 2009 by 3.6%, which made growth of 9% in project activities possible. ...

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