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14 sections found in the annual report 2010
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SWOT analysis

The formulation of the Strategy 2015 included an analysis of War Child’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats....

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Evaluation of strategy and objectives 2010

Highlights and lessons learned regarding 2010 strategy and objectives ...

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Trends in and highlights of 2010

A number of trends and highlights characterized the overall War Child program in 2010. ...

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Impact measurement and capacity building

The ways War Child measures the results, effect and impact of its programs and how it works on capacity building of partners....

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Organisation; Partnerships with international organisations

War Child has partnerships with the following international organisations (alphabetical) ...

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Organisation; Partnerships with Dutch organisations (alphabetical)

War Child has partnerships with the following Dutch organisations (alphabetical)...

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Organisation; Management

In 2010 executive director Mark Vogt led the organisation. Following War Child’s stringent low cost policies, all management fees are set well below the guidelines of the Dutch Fundraising Institutions Association (VFI) for management salaries. ...

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Human Resources; Organisation Chart

War Child's organisation chart...

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Composition of the board and evaluation

The board of War Child consisted of Peter Bakker, Willemijn Verloop, Xander van Meerwijk, Evert Greup, Marcel van Soest, Gerd Junne and Bert Koenders. ...

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