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Statutory objective and mission

War Child’s Identity
War Child is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organisation investing in a peaceful future for children affected by armed conflict. War Child empowers children and young people while enabling adults to bring about positive and lasting changes in their lives. War Child supports children regardless of their religious, ethnic or social backgrounds or gender.

Children do not belong in war. Ever. They have the right to grow up free from fear and violence. To develop their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future. For themselves and others.

War Child unleashes the children’s inner strength with a creative and engaging approach. Empowering them to shape their own future. Our distinctive approach applies to all our projects in conflict-affected areas, which focuses on: 
     -    protecting children from the effects of war;
     -    offering psychosocial support;
     -    stimulating education.
War Child strives to engage as many means and as much manpower as possible to create a lasting impact and reach as many children as possible.

War Child’s ambition
By 2015 War Child will directly reach 1 million children and young people in (post-) conflict zones. Another 2 million children and young people will be reached indirectly through capacity building and advocacy. These activities bring a lasting, positive change for children and young people affected by armed conflict.

In addition to these 3 million children and young people War Child’s ambition is to stretch far, and actively, beyond its own reach. War Child does this for example by sharing its methodology online with as many other organisations working with and for children in conflict areas as possible.

Engaging adds value
War Child focuses on an engaging approach using creative methods which appeal to children such as drama, music, sports, media and games. War Child engages external partners and maintains a direct link between the conflict areas and the rest of the world through its field teams and direct interventions.